What DOES the fox say?

I am a sucker for cute furry animals. And I’m a fan of the adorable Norwegian brothers Ylvis who created the viral hit “What does the fox say?” 



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Grandmother’s Photos

Taking a closer look at the photos in the old family albums.

Édes-Orbán Family

Since our retirement my husband and I have been doing a lot of road trips mixing sightseeing and family visits because all of our family is at least two days drive in one direction or another.

When we got to Cousin Barb’s house Tuesday evening, she brought out a fantastic photo album that had been our Grandmother’s.1961 Erzsebet Borbala in SzK A

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Names in the Clouds

Here’s a fun picture from my genealogy blog. I just love word clouds. Word clouds in shapes – even better!

Édes-Orbán Family

Have you ever seen a tree in the clouds? Or a cloud of names in a tree?

A friend posted a link to a list of the most popular Hungarian surnames (2006). In the top spot is Nagy, the ‘Smiths’ of Hungary. Although, to be accurate,while Smith is the most common English language surname in Hungarian it translates to Kovács, which ranks #2 in Hungarian popularity.

In our direct ancestry line these surnames were ranked in the top 100;

Nagy #1     Tóth #3     Kis #7     Mólnar #8

Pintér#28     Vőrős #62     Orbán #82

This tree word-cloud shows all the known surnames in our direct line.

And that’s the Big (Nagy)  and Small (Kis) of it.

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I see a little silhouetto of a Bison . . .

bison on hill med
Pronghorn antelope blending in with the pale dry landscape.
Big wide open vistas.
Purple mountain majesties rising in the distance.
Forests of windmills on the ridge.
Miles and miles of miles and miles.

And the sillouette of a black bison high on a hill at the Colorado border.

Welcome to Wyoming.