in which my cat tries to teach me patience

My cat tries to teach me patience. When I was a kid my mother tried. “Patience is a virtue” was one of her favorite directives to me. I was Catholic at the time and believed that virtue was something to be striven for though rarely attained. I grew out of that.

nicholas up  a tree 300x280

My cat wants to go outside. It is of course against the HOA rules to let a pet roam off leash. Other people let their animals out but I have lost a few beloved pets to cars over the years, and I have seen the foxes and coyotes that visit the neighborhood looking for tasty furry morsels.

So we compromise and one of us cat servants will escort him. Usually he follows our prescribed route, around the far tennis court through the rain culvert and back by the clubhouse.

But these days since it has gotten cooler we don’t go out often. Perhaps that’s why he has decided to branch out on his own. I read that cats and dogs have the mental development of small children. My own observations support that theory. Pets can be as stubborn as two-year olds. Continue reading