Double Majors Have More Fun

The best theatrical taxidermy story by a biologist!

Explorations Scientific

Bank_vole Bank vole. Photo Credit: Soebe

Shit. I had just inadvertently ripped the tail off the little rodent I was stuffing for my final project in Mammology. In this lab course I was introduced to an interesting group of scientists, who like plenty of other biologists I met, loved animals, but with one important difference: mammologists also loved stuffing them.

I was in the middle of extracting the tail vertebrae from a tiny vole, which is like a rounder version of a mouse, when the accident happened. The thing was, I had been given this particular vole from a collection of rodents trapped as part of a research project, but supplies had run out. If I wanted a vole with an attached tail, I’d either need to go find myself another live one, or draw on the sewing skills from my second major.

In addition to my biology major, which had…

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