Healing with the Lavender Cabbage

When Liz was going through a period of major depression on good days she was afraid to say that she was getting better. The up and down nature of recovery caused her to fear that just talking about feeling better would jinx her progress. So she came up with the code word cabbage instead.photo-original

Exploring different avenues of healing she tried visualizing colors and scents to describe her moods. Lavender was the color that provided the most comfort.

Art creation was a big part of her recovery. Now that life is much closer to normal she is putting on her second art show in Syracuse in May. ‘The Strength in Our Scars’ – a multi-media art show visually exploring elements of depression and self-harm, as well as the beauty of true healing.

Check out the video showing her multimedia works. If you have a couple of bucks to contribute to Mental Health Advocacy and the Arts her Kickstarter campaign would appreciate it.

You could even get your own healing Lavender Cabbage.


4 thoughts on “Healing with the Lavender Cabbage

  1. Hi Lilypup,
    I’m Liz, the artist and lavender cabbage-er. The color came from a discussion with my therapist. I felt very unsafe around myself at the time (strong self harm urges, persistent suicidal ideation) and my therapist asked me what color would represent a mental place where I felt safe with myself, not completely healed and functional, but safe and more stable. Lavender immediately popped into my mind and my therapist suggested surrounding myself with that color as a positive reinforcement of what was possible and where I was going. I hope that helps! It’s been a very powerful tool for me.

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