Following The Danube

The Danube in the Mist

The Danube in the Mist

I wondered for a long time about the journey of our ancestor Zsigmond Edes. It made sense when you see that his life moved along the Danube. starting in Komarom in 1830 in northern Hungary (now across the border in present day Slovakia) he moved to Vukovar just south of the border in Croatia where in 1858 he married Julianna Vill who had been born in Apatin just on the other bank of the Danube in Serbia. 

I borrowed this photo from this lovely blog post; The Danube always makes a huge impression on me.


2 thoughts on “Following The Danube

  1. Thanks for crediting my photo and following www,, it is a pleasure to see the work appreciated.

    I have only been to Hungary twice, but I feel there will be many more trips.

  2. Szia…thank you for visiting my blog. I have loved Hungary as a country and Hungarians as a people since I was a child. I was lucky to have shared a portion of my life with a true Hungarian, Fábián László, my husband.He was proud, sentimental, and loyal. He was difficult at times but I still miss him.
    Köszönöm…. I will come back to your blog again.
    I only remember 4 or 5 words in Hungarian, I loved the language too! Olasz vagyok.
    Es… most …Viszontlátásra! Vera

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