ByeAlex and His Wolf Darling

ByeAlex. This is such a sweet song about his darling that was raised by wolves. I reposted this from a blog that writes about Eurovision.  I really enjoyed the song.

Listen to it. I’m sure it will make you smile.


ByeAlex is saying Hello, Malmö, after winning A Dal 2013, the Hungarian national selection for Eurovision. On March 2, eight finalists performed for a televised audience and professional jury. The jury voted and narrowed the field to four super-finalists. Televoters had the final say and they cast the majority of their votes for ByeAlex and his song, “Kedvesem.”

Compact Disco was one of my favorites last year. I have a thing for edgy, impassioned rock and I really liked their song, “Sound of Our Hearts.” Let’s see how ByeAlex, who’s real name is Alex Márta, will represent Hungary this year.

My first thought was, “Hipster Hungarians!” I don’t know why this surprised me. If I thought about, I would assume the subculture is worldwide. Of course, being hipsters, they should vehemently deny that they are hipsters. Anyway, I would have expected an edgier tune from someone so identified. ByeAlex has…

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