Rome Was Not Built in a Day


The retirement lifestyle has different time constraints.

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Belly Dancer hard at work
Belly Dancer hard at work (not me!)

Many retirees will have heard the joke . . .

“What are you doing?”


“But you did that yesterday.”

“I know, but I didn’t finish.”

I’ve been a bit like that the last fortnight.  The problem with time in retirement is that it is often elastic.  What doesn’t get done today, can be finished any other time, whereas I really need the stress of a deadline to accomplish things.  For the last couple of weeks, I have let external prompts set my priorities, but along the way, I have severed my ties with the last of my pre-retirement life, and tidied a few loose ends as well.

The best prompt was when hubbie said “That’s opened up the room.”  He is referring to the way we re-arranged the lounge room furniture last Christmas, when we needed to make room for ten…

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The truth about Medieval Warrior Women….


Women have always been warriors, whether on the battlefield or protecting the home when the guys were away. Here is a sensible take on the reality of Medieval women warriors.

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Probably most of us (especially the medieval history buffs) have seen it on television at some point or another. Indeed, it seems to be virtually compulsory in our age of gender equality and ‘girl power’ for girls to be depicted fighting with weapons in historical movies or dramas. After all, we have to show that women as just as good as men, and by proxy that means they have to be just as good as fighting too apparently. So from the flame headed Merida of Brave tomarian 1 the Cate Blanchett donning armour, from Maid Marion displaying her amazing propensity for martial arts as the Night-watchman in the BBC’s Robin Hood, to a digitally enhanced Keira Knightley running around as a leather bikini clad, paint daubed Guinivere we have a vast array of feisty female warriors in dramatic depictions of the Medieval era from Arthurian Britannia to Robin Hood’s Merrie England.

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The university of the public library


Rural public libraries need public support to serve as a resource for education as a path out of poverty.

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I am a librarian at a small public library in rural Florida. While there is a lot to love about my community, many of my patrons face the ills of rural poverty: outdated infrastructure, inadequate schools, a lack of access to computers and high-speed Internet, and insufficient transportation. Under these circumstances, the public library isn’t just a “nice thing to have”–it’s a lifeline to community and social services, as well as the many benefits of access to technology.

While the library’s core mission is still to provide access to books and a place for free expression, providing access to high-speed Internet has become increasingly important. Far from reducing the need for libraries, the Internet has made libraries more valuable in communities like mine. People now use public computers and Internet to access job training, social services, and even healthcare, often with the assistance of library staff.

The library building…

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in which my cat tries to teach me patience

My cat tries to teach me patience. When I was a kid my mother tried. “Patience is a virtue” was one of her favorite directives to me. I was Catholic at the time and believed that virtue was something to be striven for though rarely attained. I grew out of that.

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My cat wants to go outside. It is of course against the HOA rules to let a pet roam off leash. Other people let their animals out but I have lost a few beloved pets to cars over the years, and I have seen the foxes and coyotes that visit the neighborhood looking for tasty furry morsels.

So we compromise and one of us cat servants will escort him. Usually he follows our prescribed route, around the far tennis court through the rain culvert and back by the clubhouse.

But these days since it has gotten cooler we don’t go out often. Perhaps that’s why he has decided to branch out on his own. I read that cats and dogs have the mental development of small children. My own observations support that theory. Pets can be as stubborn as two-year olds. Continue reading

Grandmother’s Photos


Taking a closer look at the photos in the old family albums.

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Since our retirement my husband and I have been doing a lot of road trips mixing sightseeing and family visits because all of our family is at least two days drive in one direction or another.

When we got to Cousin Barb’s house Tuesday evening, she brought out a fantastic photo album that had been our Grandmother’s.1961 Erzsebet Borbala in SzK A

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